Luuminary2020: Scoop and the role of carpooling in the future of commuting

On May 19th and 20th, more than 400 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) experts gathered virtually from around the world to attend Luuminary20, the inaugural event celebrating the organizations and partners laying the groundwork for the future of mobility through innovative commute and parking policies. This event was hosted by our friends at Luum, the commuter benefits software organization building tools used for employers to best serve today’s commuters.

Among the list of Luuminary’s speakers were Scoop’s Head of Enterprise Sales Trevor Boylan, Amazon Transportation Program Manager Tim Waldrop, Bedrock Detroit VP of Parking and Mobility Kevin Bopp, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director Slade Bedford, TransitScreen Director of Marketing Rachel Karitis, and more. From discussing the power of public and private partnerships to create city-wide change, to improving bike commute programs, to helping employers help their employees relearn their commutes, Luuminary20 brought together experts from across the nation to discuss research and findings about the latest science, innovations, and technology shaping the future of commuter transportation as we prepare for the return to the workplace.

Carpooling’s role in the future of the commute

Change in commuter behavior, transportation infrastructure, and remote working policy doesn’t normally happen overnight—but this is exactly what happened in 2020. In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 put the world’s work, commuting, and transportation habits on pause. Now, organizations must rewrite the “return-to-workplace playbook” to address protocol for both their employees’ commutes and facilities to plan how to safely bring employees back.

As employers develop and implement their organizations’ return-to-workplace plans, Trevor Boylan, Scoop’s Head of Enterprise Sales, demonstrated why a safe commute is the cornerstone of any return-to-workplace plan, how to effectively balance the needs of employees and employers in transportation modes and programs, and discussed carpooling’s role as a safe and reliable commute option in the age of physical distancing.

Watch Trevor’s session on-demand now:

Lizzie Ryan

Lizzie Ryan is the Communications Manager at Scoop, leading external communications and bringing Scoop's brand to commuters everywhere. In her spare time, you can find her teaching and practicing yoga across the San Francisco Bay Area.