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What is Scoop?

Carpooling service Community of carpoolers An enterprise solution
Carpooling Service: Scoop brings together co-workers and neighbors who are going the same way.
Community of Carpoolers: Scoop carpoolers enjoy meeting new people and making the most of their time.
Enterprise Solution: Scoop partners with competitive employers to enrich the lives of their employees.

Here’s how it works

Be Part of the Community

Download and meet Scoop carpoolers who are heading the same way. Get free Carpool Credits when you choose Scoop.

Schedule a Carpool

Separate AM and PM trips to fit your unpredictable work schedule. Ride or drive to meet your daily needs.

Get Matched

Scoop’s algorithm identifies the most efficient trip based on the fastest route, nearby carpoolers, carpool lanes, and more.

Enjoy a Smooth Commute

Meet new people, have more energy every day, and make the most of your time.

Why Carpoolers Choose Scoop

“Scoop is a great initiative and my company’s support has been critical. I have had an opportunity to interact with lots of people within and outside my company which would not have been possible without Scoop. Scoop provides me with a cost effective way to commute and also helps in saving the environment.”

Rajeev S.
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The Scoop Experience


Vehicle history checks on every Driver. Feedback on every trip.


With a guaranteed ride home, you can rely on Scoop every day.


Door-to-door pickups, efficient routes, and payment right in the app.

Scoop For Enterprise

Do you represent Human Resources or Facilities? With the Managed Carpool Program, any employer can implement an impactful commute solution for their company.

Dramatically improve your commute. Download now.