Why feedback is important to your Scoop experience

At the end of every trip, you may have noticed that we ask you to leave feedback about your fellow carpoolers—or if you’re a Driver—how you felt about your route. You may think of providing feedback as a meaningful opportunity, a necessary evil, or you even avoid it altogether. But whatever your current philosophy, we wanted to share more about why we ask for feedback, what we do with it, and how you can leave more helpful feedback. Our not-so-secret hope is to convert you into a feedback fanatic!

Why we ask for feedback

It’s simple: your feedback is the best way for our team to understand what’s going well and what needs improvement. Short of jumping into your carpool with you, feedback is the best way for our team to understand what happens during your trips. Through your feedback, we can spot issues and make improvements to the Scoop app and your carpools. It’s also an excellent way for us to understand what we’re doing right so we know where we should double down. All of this is to say; your thoughts matter to us!

Thoughts on your recent carpool? Let us know!

What we do with your feedback

Yes, we actually read your feedback! Our support team checks in on all “suggest improvement” feedback items every weekday. In some cases, we’ll follow up directly with carpoolers based on their feedback to get more information or help resolve an issue or question. Your anonymized feedback may then get shared across a variety of teams, including Product, User Experience, Engineering, or Legal.

What is helpful feedback

The most helpful feedback to our team is feedback that is specific and detailed. One of the best ways to do this is by giving examples instead of generalizations—the more information you can share about your experience, the better.

Yay: “My fellow carpooler texted me to say he’d arrived. I loved that!”
Just okay: “It was good.”

Finally, remember that if you ever have a question or an urgent issue, always contact our support team directly. While we review your feedback regularly, it’s not the best way to get help. Instead, directly contacting our support team ensures any issues get resolved quickly and effectively.

Schedule your next trip and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Megan Bradley

Megan leads Scoop’s Trust and Safety and insurance efforts. When she’s not drafting policies and procedures dedicated to improving the carpooler experience, you can find her at Fort Funston with her gigantic pup, Hugo.