Help support a Scoop carpooler’s fight against Stage IV cancer

Today, we at Scoop are calling on our tight-knit group of carpoolers and commuters around the nation to join us in supporting a very special Scoop carpooler who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.

Meet Jessie and Laura, avid Scoop carpoolers

In 2017, Jessie and Laura were paired together in a Scoop carpool in the San Francisco Bay Area. The two strangers began to regularly match in their twice-daily commute together, filling their 45-minute rides across the Bay Bridge with memorable conversations and moments. While their commutes have changed over the years, their friendship remains strong two years later. The two “Scoop besties” became well-known by the Scoop community and the team at Scoop headquarters, with Scoop carpoolers and employees alike knowing Jessie as a force for good – or, in Laura’s words, an “absolute ray of light.”

Scoop carpoolers Jessie and Laura with Scoop UX Research & Insights Manager Rachel Buck.

Laura reached out to us to share the sobering news that Jessie was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. In honor of Jessie’s incredible strength, courage, and grace – all embodiments of the Scoop community we all know and love – we knew we had to help.

Following an immediate emergency surgery and a cross-country relocation, Jessie has courageously returned to San Francisco to begin chemotherapy and shoulder all of the related financial burdens alone – including medication, reliable and safe transportation to treatment, a food service catering to her new strict diet, and care for her dog, Cali. This is where our network of carpoolers can come in to help.

We’re calling on the Scoop community

We’re proud of our Scoop community and the countless, long-lasting connections made by sharing the commute. While many Scoop carpoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area have had the chance to meet Jessie, we know what this action-driven, passionate, and collaborative community is capable of – regardless of whether you personally know Jessie or not.

We’ve donated $1,000 towards Jessie’s treatment and road to recovery. Now, we’re calling on the community to join us in supporting Jessie during this trying time if you’re willing and able.

To read more about Jessie’s journey and to consider donating, please head to her GoFundMe.

We know that the daily commute is a crucial, impactful part of our lives. Today, on a day that many use to focus on giving back, let’s show Jessie just how caring and impactful our community really is.

Lizzie Ryan

Lizzie Ryan is the Communications Manager at Scoop, leading external communications and bringing Scoop's brand to commuters everywhere. In her spare time, you can find her teaching and practicing yoga across the San Francisco Bay Area.