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Scoop’s multi-platform offering ensures you can operate a remote and in-office environment with ease.

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The Scoop Hybrid Workforce Platform


Safety & Compliance

Enforce onsite safety and compliance with customizable virtual health screenings.

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Capacity & Attendance

Manage your workplace capacity and attendance with automated real-time check-in data.

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Team Coordination

Give employees insight into where their teammates are working on a given day.

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Commute Solutions

Rethink the commute with door-to-door carpools and more.

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An intuitive platform for you and your employees

Mobile app for your employees

Equip your employees with an all-in-one app for checking into the workplace, completing custom health screenings, and more. Available on iOS and Android.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge Extension for desktop

With Scoop’s desktop extensions, your employees can check into work from any device, anywhere.

Real-time dashboard with attendance trends and more

Set policies, automatically verify attendance, confirm health screenings, and uncover trends all through your secure Scoop dashboard.

Screenshots of Scoop's hybrid work platform for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Also includes a screenshot of their real-time dashboard with attendance trends.

Safety & Compliance

Conduct virtual health screenings & contact tracing

Build employee confidence with customizable virtual health screenings before they arrive at the workplace. Verify that employees have successfully completed their health screening with a digital day pass.  Employees notify you of their intent to come into the office on which days, enabling you to conduct contact tracing if necessary.

Ensure compliance with your onsite policies

Set-up office-specific or company-wide policies that employees must agree to before arriving at your workplace. Notify employees of specific policies before they arrive.

Keep your data safe and secure

Eliminate manual processes with a secure, digital record of completed health screenings and a log of when employees came into the workplace. Scoop’s is SOC2 certified, ensuring your employee’s data is always protected.

Mobile and web screenshots of Scoop's safety survey for COVID and real-time data of office check-ins from hybrid employees.

Capacity & Attendance

Set and manage workplace capacity limits

Guarantee all employees have the space and amenities required to have a great in-office experience. Manage your capacity by capping the number of check-ins allotted per day in advance.

Monitor workplace attendance trends in real-time

With the Scoop app and desktop extension, workplace attendance is automatically and securely verified once your employee arrives. Access employee attendance data in a secure real-time dashboard so you are always equipped with up-to-date information

Leverage powerful insights to see trends over time

Understand and manage capacity and attendance trends over time and how they may vary by location or team. Compare employee intent to come into the workplace with confirmed attendance and office utilization. Leverage workplace utilization trends to enhance your employee experience, reduce operational expenses, and maximize team productivity.

Screenshot of Scoop's web dashboard with graphs of attendance trends for hybrid employees and an interface for creating an employer building for office location.

Team Coordination

Enable teams to use your workplace to its full potential

Give employees visibility into who else from your organization is going to the workplace on a given day. Allow employees to make informed decisions on which days they collaborate in-person and which days they work remotely.

Seamless team creation

Automatically create team views for each manager or department. Empower your people managers to set guidelines that work best for their teams.

Integrate Scoop with your organization’s calendar

Surface whether meeting participants are planning on attending in-person or remotely. Determine which day to schedule a meeting based on where attendees are planning to work. Calendar integrations coming in Spring 2021.

Team coordination

Download HR's guide to the hybrid workplace

Understand what you need to consider in order to deploy a hybrid workplace that best suits the unique needs of your organization.


Integrations to streamline your business operations

Simplify the way you do business in a hybrid workplace environment by integrating Scoop into your HR stack.


Okta provides secure identity management for your employees, partners and customers, which includes single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on a mobile device.

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