Make the transition back to the workplace safe and seamless

Scoop’s workplace planner takes the uncertainty out of bringing your people back together during COVID-19.

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Protect your employees and your business with a re-entry plan

Track employee intent

Easily enforce safety protocols by requiring employees to check-in daily and notify you of their intent to commute into your workplace.

Screen for safety

Ensure every employee coming into your workplace confirms they are symptom-free and receives a day pass to provide upon arrival. 

Be ready to respond

Get the data you need to help limit liability, ensure compliance, and quickly conduct contact tracing if an infection occurs. 

The essential workplace planning tool for the COVID-19 era

Provide an experience that helps employees feel safe and keeps your business moving forward.

Establish and enforce a protocol to come into your workplace

Require employees to check-in from home each day, notify you of their plans to come into the workplace, confirm they’re symptom-free, and receive a day pass to show when they arrive.

Ensure accountability, compliance, and contact tracing

Get real-time employee data in one central tool that helps you stay compliant, reduce operational risk, and be prepared to conduct contact tracing if needed quickly.

Make employees feel safe with shared guidelines

Scoop’s workplace planner shows employees that you're taking necessary steps toward a responsible transition back with shared safety guidelines that can promote a healthy workplace.

Backup commute options

The high cost of an unsafe workplace

COVID-19 could cost businesses an average of $4,000 in paid leave costs for each employee who contracts the virus 1.

Employees who contract COVID-19 will incur upwards of $2,000 in lost wages due to missing work from the illness 2.

Both can be avoided. Plan a safer transition back to protect both your employees and your business with Scoop’s workplace planner.

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Start planning your workplace re-entry today

Implement with ease

Workplace planner has simple setup and implementation, so you won’t need IT support. HR, real estate, facilities, ops teams and your employees can get started within minutes.

Invest where it matters

Get a standalone solution without a long-term contract or a bundle of unrelated software. Workplace planner provides the tools, data, and insights you need at a price you can afford.

Keep data safe

Collect only the data you need to bring employees back while keeping personal information private. Workplace planner is secure and fully SOC2-compliant.

Let’s make a plan, together

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