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Invest in effective collaboration

Provide employees with the information they need to do their best work from anywhere.

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Team Coordination

Shared co-worker statuses, team-specific schedules and guidelines, calendar integrations, and more.

Team coordination

Make informed decisions for where to work each day

Shared co-worker statuses

Give employees visibility into who else from your organization is going to the workplace on a given day.

Invest in employee productivity

Empower employees to make informed decisions on which days they collaborate in-person and which days they work remotely.

Team and department coordination

Team & department level coordination

See who from your team is going into the office each day

Automatically create team views for each manager or department.

Team-specific guidelines

Empower your people managers to set guidelines that work best for their teams.

Integrate Scoop with existing tools

Streamline collaboration by integrating Scoop with your existing tools

Google Calendar

Surface whether meeting participants are planning on attending in-person or remotely. Determine which day to schedule a meeting based on where attendees are planning to work.

HRIS integrations

Eliminate manual work by integrating Scoop directly with your HRIS or email client to automatically update, add, and remove employees in real time.

The top benefit you can offer employees in 2021

Workplace flexibility will remain a top consideration for employees and is a must-have if employers want to attract and retain top talent.

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Top employee benefits 2021

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Safety & Compliance

Enforce onsite safety and compliance with customizable virtual health screenings.

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Capacity & Attendance

Manage your workplace capacity and attendance with automated real-time check-in data.

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Commute Solutions

Rethink the commute with door-to-door carpools, flexible rides, and more.

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