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Instantly see when co-workers and key collaborators are coming in, working from home, or out of the office.

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Team Sync (Beta)

Eliminate the time spent on coordination and scheduling with the first assistant built for hybrid teams.

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Scoop for Slack

Scoop’s Slack app makes it fast and easy for hybrid and distributed team members to coordinate work locations.

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Scoop for Google Calendar

Automatically sync and surface your work status right on Google Calendar.

Automate your weekly schedule

No matter if you’re in the office 3x a week, permanently remote, or somewhere in-between, Scoop makes it easy for you to add your workplace routine.

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Attendance expectations

Empower managers to set expectations on minimum, maximum, or specific days to be in the workplace.

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Screenshot of Scoop's mobile apps indicating attendance expectations to employees.

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Are you a commuter? Visit our commuters page to learn more and download the Scoop app for iOS or Android.

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  • Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies
  • Workplace usage trends and reporting
  • Desk management and seamless employee desk booking
  • See where teammates are working (calendar integration coming soon!)
  • Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings