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Manage and set workplace capacity, automatically assign desks to employees on the days they come in, and get the data you need to make informed investments in your workplace.

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Capacity & Attendance

Manage your workplace capacity and attendance with automated real-time check-in data.

Easily set and monitor workplace capacity

Set and manage workplace capacity limits by day and by individual worksite.

Keep your workplace running smoothly

Guarantee all employees have access to essential workplace items such as desks or conference room space.

Set daily capacity limits before employees arrive

Cap the number of check-ins allotted per day in advance to ensure you're able to effectively support your onsite employees.

Building capacity management.
Scoop dashboard overview.

Automate attendance verification

Workplace attendance is automatically and securely verified once employees arrive at the workplace.

Automatic attendance verification

Workplace attendance is automatically and securely verified once employees arrive at the workplace via the Scoop employee app or desktop extension.

Monitor attendance trends over time

Access employee attendance data in a secure real-time dashboard so you're always equipped with up-to-date information.

Make informed investments in your workplace

With the Scoop dashboard, you can access historical attendance data, allowing you to make informed decisions for your workplace.

See trends by team or function

Understand and manage capacity and attendance trends over time and how they may vary by location or team.

Access verified attendance trends

Compare employee intent to come into the workplace with confirmed attendance and office utilization.

Invest where it matters

Leverage workplace utilization trends to enhance your employee experience, reduce operational expenses, and maximize team productivity.

Check-in trends and workplace management.
Right size your office space investment.

How to right-size your office space investment

As businesses embrace the shift to hybrid workplaces, expect to see significant changes in how companies think about investing in office real estate and meeting the evolving needs of their workforce.

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Safety & Compliance

Enforce onsite safety and compliance with customizable virtual health screenings.

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Team Coordination

Give employees insight into where their teammates are working on a given day.

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Commute Solutions

Rethink the commute with door-to-door carpools, flexible rides, and more.

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