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Top Trends & Predictions for Leading Distributed Teams in 2023

To say that the workplace has changed over the last two years might be the biggest understatement of the century. But amongst all that change, common trends have emerged (and aren’t showing signs of slowing down).

HR’s guide to contact tracing in the office

What you need to know in order to properly contact trace in an office environment.

CDC guidelines for the office

Here are the top recommendations from the CDC you should follow in order to safely manage your office.

Temperature checks alone won’t keep your office safe

Temperature checks only tell you part of the story. Here’s what else you need to consider when screening your workforce in order to have a safe workplace.

10 essential tasks to have on your office reopening checklist

Here are the top 10 things you need to consider in order to safely reopen your office during COVID-19.

3 out of 5 nurses are quitting due to COVID-19. What’s one step hospitals can take to stop it?

Amid the worst staffing shortage in decades, 60% of nurses and 20% of physicians say they’re planning to leave their professions as a direct result of the well-being impacts caused by COVID-19.

Five ways Scoop drives impact for Facilities teams

As a facilities leader, commuters in your organization will look to you for guidance and support at every step of their return to the workplace.

Five ways Scoop drives impact for HR teams

Now more than ever, HR teams play a pivotal role in helping to ensure employees have an actionable blueprint for returning to the workplace.

Five ways Scoop drives impact for Transportation teams

As a transportation leader, commuters from your organization will look to you for guidance and support at every step of their return to the workplace.

Ride-hailing vs. ridesharing vs. carpooling: what’s the difference?

With the rise of shared mobility, many of us are familiar with the terms ridesharing and ride-hailing. These terms are used interchangeably and dominate conversations about shared mobility, to the point where individuals, insurance companies, and regulatory agencies now equate both ridesharing and ride-hailing with transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft.

Driving change: How transportation teams can create effective partnerships with HR

COVID-19 has forced a transformation in the function of HR and benefits, transportation teams, and beyond to partner and work closely together to create effective communications that build trust and provide employees with peace of mind–and this starts with addressing the commute.

The Future of the American Commute survey data, part one: health and safety first

In May 2020, the User Research Team at Scoop conducted two surveys of more than 10,000 commuters to better understand what the future of the American commute will look like.

Why safety and equity matter in the employee commute

As employers build their return-to-workplace strategies, they’re quickly realizing that a safe return-to-workplace plan is only as safe as their commute plan. Now more than ever, employers have the responsibility to provide equitable and accessible commute options that empower employee choice.

What’s top-of-mind for HR executives in the return to workplace?

Now more than ever, employers play a pivotal role in their employees’ physical safety and emotional well-being.

Luuminary2020: Scoop and the role of carpooling in the future of commuting

In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 put the world’s work, commuting, and transportation habits on pause. Now, organizations must rewrite the “return-to-workplace playbook” to address protocol for both their employees’ commutes and facilities to plan how to safely bring employees back.

Safety needs to be the cornerstone of any return-to-workplace plan

As organizations work to create new workplace and facilities protocols and procedures to minimize risks associated with COVID-19, one thing is certain: safety for the workforce starts the moment they leave their house and start their commute.

Carpooling investment pays off

Recap of the 99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the University of Washington analysis presented shows the potential of shared commuting opportunities working at a much larger scale than has historically been possible.

Scoop + LinkedIn carpooling featured in World Economic Forum’s Corporate Mobility Challenge

Financial and business leaders alike speaking onstage at Davos agreed that the momentum behind this global sustainability movement is carried by a new era of stakeholders: businesses with a bias for action.

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