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Why You Should Commit to In-Person 1:1 Meetings in the Hybrid Workplace Model

It’s pretty amazing how quickly the workforce adjusted to the new hybrid workplace model. Within just a few months, thanks to the adoption of digital collaboration and hybrid workplace management tools, teams were up and running — and in many cases they were even more productive than they were before. 

While it’s impressive to see what teams can accomplish virtually — such as meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team building games — there’s no real substitute for live, face-to-face interactions. For this reason, you should consider holding all 1:1 meetings in person if possible in order to build stronger connections with your team members.

Here are some reasons to consider moving your 1:1 meetings into the office with the hybrid workplace model:

There are fewer distractions

At home, your team members have a number of potential distractions, such as pets, visitors, kids, and more. It’s also easier to get side-tracked by incoming emails and text messages during virtual meetings. Not to mention, when you meet in person, you don’t have to worry about technology or connection issues. In the office, it’s much easier to ensure you have your team members’ full attention and they have yours. 

It’s easier to connect on a personal level

There’s nothing like in-person interactions when it comes to building rapport. With physical cues more visible, it’s easier for you and your team members to interpret body language and sense emotions, facilitating connection and mutual understanding. Small talk also comes more readily in person than it does over a screen, and it’s often these “watercooler chat” interactions that count the most in developing relationships. 

It demonstrates the value of your one-on-one time 

By setting a policy of in-person 1:1s in the hybrid workplace, where virtual collaboration is the norm, you’re sending the message that these meetings are valuable. For this reason, your team members are more likely to come better prepared and take to heart what you have to say.

Personal Connection in the Post-Pandemic Workplace 

With less in-person interaction in the hybrid workplace model, connecting with your team face-to-face is a great way to build rapport as well as drive home the importance of your talking points. Don’t miss out on this powerful opportunity to increase engagement and boost morale.

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