What’s the cost to you if an employee gets COVID-19?

By the numbers 

  • The cost of even a single worker testing positive for COVID-19 can have profound financial impact for employers. Some conservative estimates place the employer financial loss at $4,000 per each worker who gets sick, while the average worker is expected to lose upwards of $2,000 in wages, according to the American Journal of Medicine.
  • Lost time from work due to COVID-19 could cost employers more than $23 billion in benefits for absent workers and impact up to 5.6 million employees, according to the Integrated Benefits Institute.
  • On top of these new costs for employers, employer healthcare costs could increase up to 7% this year due to coronavirus treatment and testing costs, according to a study from Willis Towers Watson. This is on top of the 5% increase companies had already projected before the pandemic. 

How this ties back to the commute

  • Worker well-being extends beyond the four walls of the workplace. The commute is the start and the end to the workday, and the safety of our commute directly impacts the safety of our workplace.
  • It's clear that if workers' safety starts the moment they step outside their door and start their commute, everyone should have access to a safe and reliable mode. Addressing the health and safety risks of a bad commute is the first line of defense in building a healthy and resilient staff and helps insulate organizations from financial shortfalls. 

What you can do 

  • Offer safe, reliable modes of shared transportation for employees to commute to and from the workplace. In a recent Scoop survey of 10,000 commuters, 85% of respondents viewed carpooling as safer than public transit, and 69% said it was safer than vanpools and shuttles. 
  • At Scoop, health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. We require mandatory health screenings before every trip and masks to be worn in the vehicle at all times, limit carpools to just two people, and use other measures informed by the world’s leading health experts to keep commuters safe. In addition to these safety measures, every Driver using Scoop must pass a Motor Vehicle History Check before driving, and all workers will know who they’re carpooling with through profile photos, Driver vehicle information, verified company information, and full trip details before their carpool starts and a chance to provide feedback after it ends.

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