Is $50,000 per parking space in your 2021 budget? Here's a different approach.

By the numbers

What this means

Amid COVID-19, we’re facing an SOV (single occupancy vehicle) conundrum. Workers must balance the feeling of individual safety with needing a reliable way to commute to and from the workplace. If more workers turn to driving alone in the midst of the pandemic (keep in mind public transportation ridership across the U.S. is still down 70% year-over-year), organizations will soon face a costly facilities challenge if they’re not already: how to deal with an overflow of SOVs in their parking lots. 

Hospitals are already known to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to perpetrating unhealthy transportation and commute patterns stemming from SOVs. Forward-thinking hospitals and healthcare systems are set out to change that to decrease facilities stress and improve the overall employee experience and patient care and outcomes.   

Less budget spent on parking, more budget for patient care

Seattle Children’s Hospital is a prime example of a leading hospital driving healthier transportation practices by committing to reduce SOV usage to its hospital by 30% by 2028.  

  • If the hospital reaches its ultimate goal of a 30% SOV reduction by 2028, it will avoid constructing 500 parking spaces. 
  • This will save 225,000 square feet, enough to support 56 patient beds. 
  • At a construction cost of $40,000 per structured parking space, it will save the hospital an estimated $20 million.

What you can do 

Avoiding parking overload and all of its resulting challenges means reducing an influx of single car commutes. 

Commuting with Scoop is a great way to leverage existing resources you have by ensuring 2 commuters arrive to your hospital for every vehicle, reducing the burden on your lots, freeing up valuable spaces for visitors and patients, and reducing the need for further infrastructure spending.

By decreasing the number of employees relying on SOVs, hospitals will be able to decrease facilities budget on parking, allowing more budget to spend on what really matters: providing world-class patient care. 

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