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HR’s guide to contact tracing in the office

The role of HR has been fundamentally transformed by COVID-19. What it means to invest in employee safety and wellness now covers implementing thoughtful policies to create a safe workplace, providing resources and support for employees who test positive for COVID-19, and even coordinating with health departments to conduct contact tracing should an outbreak occur.

What is contact tracing?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines contact tracing as the process of identifying, assessing, and managing people who have been exposed to a disease to prevent further spread.

As an HR leader, it is important that you develop a plan for how to effectively conduct contact tracing within your organization in order to slow the spread and foster a safe work environment for your employees.

Additionally, investing in contact tracing best practices will allow you to equip health departments with information that can enable in-depth contact tracing beyond possible exposure within your workplace.

HR’s guide to contract tracing in the office

1. Create a record of who is in the office each day

Investing in an ongoing system that logs onsite employee attendance will allow you to easily create a list of anyone who may have possibly been exposed. Setting this up as soon as possible will give you robust historical data to reference in the event of employee exposure.

2. Develop a policy for impacted employees

The CDC recommends that any exposed individuals stay home and for at least 14 days from the date they were potentially exposed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to others.

You may also want to consider investing in incentives for your employees to adhere to your policies. For example, providing impacted employees with paid sick leave or additional accommodations to make it easier to work remotely.

3. Notify all employees that may have been in proximity of the impacted employee

It’s important to let any impacted employees know as soon as possible that they may have been exposed so they can immediately begin quarantining. Be sure to communicate your COVID-19 policy and offer time for the employee to discuss any questions they may have regarding when they can return to work.

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