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Tools to manage vaccination requirements and health screens

Easily deploy your own daily health screener, contact trace, collect vaccination status, and rollout vaccination requirements through a single employee-friendly experience.

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Vaccination requirements, health screening, and customized policies

Ensure your team's health, safety, and comfort as they return to the office

A screenshot of the Scoop app experience where you can prompt employees to add or update their vaccination status securely in the Scoop app, even if not requiring vaccination to come to the workplace.

Manage employee vaccination requirements end-to-end

Fully deploy the vaccine protocols that are best for your company policies and culture

Collect vaccination status from your employees

Prompt employees to add or update their vaccination status securely in the Scoop app, even if not requiring vaccination to come to the workplace

Require vaccinations in order to come into the workplace

Optionally enable vaccination requirements as part of your employees’ workplace check-in experience

Review and download employee vaccination records

Access your employee vaccination data in one secure dashboard and avoid insecure spreadsheets or multiple systems. Use your data to incentivize vaccinations, carry out mask policies, or optimize contact tracing

Customize company check-in guidelines & health screening

Set-up office-specific or company-wide policies to ensure a safe and compliant workplace for everyone

Upload your existing workplace policies to your Scoop dashboard

Quickly add and format your existing workplace policies. Include links to company guidelines, handbooks, or other documentation

Update and adjust your policies as you go

Edit your policies to adjust to macro-factors, health and safety changes, and all the other evolving needs of your workplace

Scoop dashboard image showing how Scoop enables employers to create custom check-in questionnaires and health screens to ensure employees are safe and healthy and ready to return to work.
Screenshot of the Scoop Desktop extension where employees can view and accept custom guidelines when indicating they are planning to come into the workplace.

Screen employees before they arrive at the workplace

Build employee confidence with virtual health screenings that are completed before arrival

Manage onsite policy compliance

Employees who plan to work from the office must review and accept check-in policies in order to successfully complete their check-in

Instant updates and a clear experience for employees

Employees see updated policies as soon as they’re published, on both the Scoop mobile apps and desktop extension

One central platform for managing your hybrid work environment

From safety protocols to attendance policies, manager tools to commute solutions, Scoop is the platform at the center of your hybrid work environment.


Safety & Compliance

Enforce onsite safety and compliance with customizable virtual health screenings.

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Capacity & Attendance

Manage your workplace capacity and attendance with automated real-time check-in data.

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Team Coordination

Give employees insight into where their teammates are working on a given day.

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Commute Solutions

Rethink the commute with door-to-door carpools, flexible rides, backup options and more.

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