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Great employee experiences at the workplace & at home

The easiest solution for setting daily work location and checking into the office. Manage and set workplace capacity, automatically assign desks, and get the data you need to make informed investments in your workplace.

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Seamlessly set daily status & check-in to the workplace

Enable employees to set their daily work location and when coming to the workplace, check-in with just a tap or a click on mobile & desktop

Screenshots of Scoop's employee check-in experience with daily and bulk status setting.

Daily and weekly work status & workplace check-in

Scoop enables your employees to set their work status without jumping through hoops

An easy, elegant planning and check-in experience

Employees can quickly indicate whether they plan to come to the workplace for a specific day - or multiple days

Everything employees need, built right in

Desk selection, capacity, and health questionnaires built right into the status setting and check-in flow

Set and update status in the Scoop app or on desktop

Scoop's multi-platform offering makes it as easy as possible for employees to set their daily status, whether going into the workplace, working from home, or out on vacation

Automated attendance data at your fingertips

Analyze employees’ daily and weekly workplace usage across teams, locations, and more

Combine workplace plans and actual attendance

Employees can check-in on arrival or use Scoop’s automatic location-based verification to confirm their attendance

Monitor attendance trends over time

Access employee attendance data in a secure real-time dashboard with all-time reporting, plus trended charts and visualizations

Filter data by the dimensions that matter

Break down employee attendance data by status, building and/or by confirmed attendance, so you can hone in on what matters most at your workplace

A screenshot of the Scoop attendance table where you can break down employee attendance data by status, building and/or by confirmed attendance, so you can hone in on what matters most at your workplace.
A screenshot of the Scoop dashboard where employers can set building capacity to restrict workplace attendance.

Set and monitor workplace capacity

Manage and update workplace capacity limits by day and individual building

Keep your workplace running smoothly

Ensure you have the capacity for employees to have access to essential workplace items such as desks or conference room space

Set daily capacity limits before employees arrive

Cap the number of employees able to work at the office on a given day, to ensure you're able to effectively support everyone in-person

One central platform for managing your hybrid work environment

From safety protocols to attendance policies, manager tools to commute solutions, Scoop is the platform at the center of your hybrid work environment.


Safety & Compliance

Enforce onsite safety and compliance with customizable virtual health screenings.

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Capacity & Attendance

Manage your workplace capacity and attendance with automated real-time check-in data.

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Team Coordination

Give employees insight into where their teammates are working on a given day.

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Commute Solutions

Rethink the commute with door-to-door carpools, flexible rides, backup options and more.

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