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Flexible desk assignments that work for everyone's schedule, every day.

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Desks in an office

Your office is undergoing a major transformation.

Creating an office environment that suits the needs of your organization will vary greatly depending on how - and how often - different teams and individuals will use the office. It also closely ties to how you envision your organization using your work space. You might want to make new investments in quiet space for heads-down time, or rethink collaborative spaces for amplifying brainstorming and project planning.
The best office environments will ensure that the right type of space is available to everyone, every day. That includes the right combination of dedicated desks, shared seating, and flex space so your employees have everything they need to thrive in your new hybrid work environment.
Desk assignment.

Manage desk assignments & workplace floor plans with ease

Flexible desk assignments

Assign desks to specific individuals, designate them for one or more departments, or make them available to anyone.

Space for everyone, every day

Automatically manage capacity for each type of desk. If you have additional flex capacity like a common area, employees can even check-in to that space directly.

Full control over your office set-up

Manage and update desk assignments straight from your Scoop dashboard, giving you full control over your floor plan as your space needs evolve over time.

A seamless employee experience

Desk assignments to match daily schedules

When setting a daily status, employees see the desks they’re eligible for and select the type of desk that best suits their needs for the day.

Eliminate manual desk selection

Reservations are completed automatically, so employees don’t have to search for a desk on a virtual floor plan.

Keep your workplace moving

A copy of the floor plan is available within the app so employees can quickly navigate to their selected desk type.

Scoop desk assignments employee app

How to manage a hybrid work environment

Get a breakdown of each phase of the hybrid journey, goals you should keep top of mind, and key actions you should take to make your company’s hybrid work environment a success.

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