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The Scoop Hybrid Workforce Platform

Safety & Compliance

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Capacity & Attendance

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Team Coordination

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How Scoop works

An intuitive hybrid workforce platform for you and your employees.


Mobile app for your employees

Equip your employees with an all-in-one app for checking into the workplace, completing custom health screenings, and more. Available on iOS and Android.

Screen for safety

Employees who plan to work from the office must review and accept check-in policies in order to successfully complete their check-in.

Enforce capacity limits

Limit the number of workplace check-ins per day or worksite to ensure capacity limits are followed.

Coordinate with team mates

Grant employees visibility into who else from their team is working from the office so they can make informed decisions for where they work each day.

Team coordination

Chrome and Microsoft Edge Extension for desktop

With Scoop’s desktop extensions, your employees can check into work from any device, anywhere.

Desktop check-ins

Employees can choose to check-in via the Scoop mobile or desktop app depending on what best suits their needs.

Automated attendance verification

Workplace attendance is securely verified and stored in your Scoop dashboard. Use attendance trends to make informed decisions on everything from office investments to safety & compliance policies.


Program management via the Scoop dashboard

Workplace attendance & check-in trends

Access daily workplace check-ins, attendance trends over time, and a record of employee health screenings or policy acceptance.

Manage desk assignments & workplace capacity

Assign desks to specific individuals, departments, or mark them as available to anyone. Manage capacity for worksites and teams.

Automate roster management

Keep your program up to date by intregrated Scoop with your HRIS tool or active directory.

Check-in trends and workplace management.

Integrations to streamline your business operations

Simplify the way you do business in a hybrid workplace environment by integrating Scoop into your HR stack.


eBook: Navigating your hybrid workforce journey

Get a breakdown of each phase of the hybrid journey, goals you should keep top of mind, and key actions you should take to make your company’s hybrid work environment a success.

Navigating the hybrid work journey

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