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What's the cost and return on investment of Scoop versus vans, shuttles, buses and transit?
Partnering with Scoop enables all your employees to enjoy a door-to-door commute, flexible to when they need it. Partner programs are performance-based and tailored to your needs. On average, Scoop is 3x less expensive than a vanpool program and 5x to 10x more cost effective than a commuter shuttle.

vs. Scoop
vs. Scoop
Public Transit
vs. Scoop
Reach 50-60 employees per shuttle All employees
Flexibility Limited departures Flexible departures that can change daily
Cost to employer $300,000 to $500,000 per shuttle annually Similar to public transportation per trip
Cost to employer per employee trip (average) $15-$20 $3

How will my employees find matches?
Scoop does the heavy lifting to make carpooling easy for your employees. Through the Scoop app, employees provide basic inputs (home & work address, if they want to be Rider or Driver, and what time they want to leave) for a selected morning or evening commute. Scoop compiles these requests and matches neighbors and coworkers into the most efficient carpool for each trip. Navigation, vehicle description, payment processing, and match contact information are all provided within the Scoop app.

How much does it cost? What's included in a partnership?
Partnering with Scoop is cost-effective and performance-focused. Included in a partnership is technical and account management, a full marketing program staffed by Scoop representatives, a guranteed ride home program for employees, and monthly reports to highlight your employees' impact. Scoop programs are custom tailored to our partners.

How do I know if/when employees carpool?
Scoop's partners receive impact reports every month. These reports include number of trips taken by employees, cars removed from your parking lots, miles saved, pounds of CO2 avoided, and more.

Are drivers vetted?
To keep Scoop users safe we run a one-time motor vehicle history report on all Drivers. Scoop will request license number and state, birthdate, first name, and last name. We will then do a background check for any previous violations on your employee's license. If everything is in line your employees then be asked to enter in the details of their car. If your employee is not able to become a Driver, no problems! They will still be able to schedule trips to be a Rider with Scoop.

How does driver insurance and employer liability work?
It is important to note that Scoop is a platform to help co-workers and neighbors share their commute, not a rideshare service with professional drivers that profit on each trip. As a result, Scoop Drivers do not need to carry any additional auto insurance beyond their legally required personal coverage, and their personal coverage functions the same as if they were driving a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor.

Additionally, Scoop's partners do not pay the carpool Driver. Rather, partners compensate Scoop directly for managing and facilitating the carpool program. Scoop, in turn, provides marketing support, reporting, carpool matching and incentives for partner employees.

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