Gina Lau in Scoop HQ.
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Meet the Team: Gina Lau, Head of People

As any company grows, it needs brilliant people who can implement people strategy and build a thriving workforce. With Gina Lau, our new Director of People Operations, we know Scoop is in more-than-capable hands.

Gina is a People Ops expert who’s excited to bring her passion for developing a stellar employee experience to Scoop HQ.

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Powering comprehensive commuter solutions with Luum and RideAmigos

At Scoop, we’re dedicated to making carpooling as convenient and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that carpooling can be the cornerstone of an improved commute solution for enterprises and organizations.

Together with the Scoop Community and our enterprise partners, we’ve ensured that commuters across the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Reno, and Los Angeles can rely on Scoop as a sustainable alternative to driving alone.

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