Passing the time during your commute is easy when you tune into an interesting and entertaining podcast. Not only will podcasts fuel your trip into the office, but they’re good for your brain and can be a great way to spark insightful conversations with your fellow carpoolers.

To help get you over the post-holiday hump and energize you for whatever comes your way in 2020, the Scoop team compiled five favorite podcasts that have been dominating our drive times recently.  

Sit back, fasten your seatbelts, and push play on one of the trending podcasts below. 

Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor

By: Jon Nastor
Category: Business

Jon Nastor interviews entrepreneurs from all walks of life to identify the hacks or skills necessary to be better at business and life. Nastor is obsessed with what makes entrepreneurs tick and spends time each week looking for patterns to help educate listeners on what it takes to be successful. We guarantee you’ll feel inspired to crush your January to-do list after this one.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Category: Comedy

NPR’s weekly quiz show is the most fun way to stay up to speed with today’s current events. Not only is this podcast interactive, but it’ll keep you laughing with a new celebrity guest each episode playing along. No doubt, this one will spark some fun convos with your fellow carpoolers!


By: iHeartRadio and How Stuff Works
Category: Science

Ever wonder if pop rocks are dangerous to eat or why people still insist on using fax machines? Queue up this podcast for the ultimate in “fun fact” conversation starters. Each episode is short and sweet, answering questions we’d only ever ask Google. 

Ted Talks Daily

Category: Education

TED brings bite-sized daily talks from a grab bag of subjects that will get you thinking about yourself and the world around you. This podcast will spark your curiosity each time you tune in and give you that extra bit of motivation to start practicing for your own TED Talk one day. 

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Category: Personal Finance

We could all use a few extra personal finance tips, and that’s why we love this podcast. There are no egos to be found here, just quick and friendly tips to help you live a richer life.

If you’re listening to a podcast you think other Scoop carpoolers will love too, tweet us @takescoop and help to inspire our community. 

Tamra Al-Khalil

Tamra Al-Khalil

Tamra is a Community Manager at Scoop, where she engages carpoolers through content and events. When she’s not celebrating carpoolers, you can find her slinging plant-based recipes in the kitchen.

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