What do America’s fastest-growing cities have in common? An increasingly long and frustrating commute. 

As metro-area populations grow, many workers are saying goodbye to city life and hello to suburbia where “car culture” rules all and public transit is few and far between. With limited alternatives and longer distances between home and work, 76% of people now drive alone to work for an average of 53 minutes roundtrip—an all-time high for American commuters.

Today, the commute is an everyone-problem. Metros grapple with clogged roadways and updating infrastructure to keep up with commute modes. Employees’ financial and emotional well-being takes a hit. Employers struggle with employee turnover and explosive real estate costs.

Did your metro top the list?

Take a deeper look into how these thriving cities became some of the most impacted metros across the country.

1. Austin, Texas

2. Cincinnati, Ohio

3. Columbus, Ohio

4. Dallas, Texas

5. Detroit, Michigan

6. Houston, Texas

7. Los Angeles, California

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

9. Phoenix, Arizona

10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carpooling: everyone’s opportunity

While the commute may be one of our greatest problems, carpooling is one of the most promising solutions. From promoting sustainability to improving retention to strengthening the corporate brand, carpooling is an opportunity to solve the commute and overcome your businesses’ biggest challenges.

Wondering how you can bring carpooling to your workforce? Visit takescoop.com/partners or reach out directly at partners@takescoop.com today.

Sam Sandler

Sam Sandler

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