As our Engineering team continues to grow, we are excited to have even more talented people dedicated to making carpooling more efficient and enjoyable for commuters across the country. Nearly four months ago, Allxie Cleary joined Scoop as a software engineer and has been making strides to improve our product and build new features.

We chatted with Allxie to hear more about her first few months at Scoop and learn what it’s like to work on our Engineering team.

Hi Allxie! Tell us about yourself.

My pronouns are she/her, I’m a backend engineer, full-stack by training. I live in a historical landmark, ski a lot, love dumplings, and lived for a year without consuming any new plastic. One of my major hobbies is advocating for sexuality and gender minorities. I teach consent workshops for LGBTQ+ folks, so I like spending time thinking about Scoop’s Trust and Safety efforts, too.

Allxie hitting the slopes.

How did you first get into engineering?

My journey to becoming an engineer wasn’t linear, as I didn’t complete a software program during university. I was always interested in STEM ever since I was a kid. When I got to Hampshire College, I began studying software, but my imposter syndrome got the better of me and made me feel like I had to back away from that field. Instead, I ended up completing an interdisciplinary undergrad in Problem Solving.

After I graduated, friends of mine in engineering asked me “Why aren’t you an engineer? You’d be killer.” They explained how imposter syndrome and gender bias had impacted me during my time at school. I immediately signed up for a boot camp the next day and crushed it.

Enjoying a hike on a nice summer day.

What led you to Scoop?

I was unemployed for seven months due to a severe repetitive stress injury. Eventually, I began sorting through emails as I geared up to begin the recruiting process and saw one from Scoop. I found the business compelling and really resonated with the product’s ability to bring people together through carpooling.

Off the bat, Scoop’s sustainability message and mission resonated with me. As I began to get to know the company more, I found that the value set really brought it home for me. I was looking for a place that put culture and employees first, and I definitely saw that here. Scoop is also passionate about improving direct communication around gender, disability, and race, which I found to be inspiring.

How would you describe the Engineering team at Scoop?

I’ve only been at Scoop for a few months, but I’ve found that the processes in place have been improving and continue to grow with the company. It’s so refreshing to not feel frustrated with work, and it’s all because the organization is working hard to clear roadblocks for the team.

I feel like everyone in my management chain is looking out for me. If I mention I’m interested in a project, bam, the next thing I know I’m in a meeting about it. If I say I want to learn something, a coffee with the resident expert will mysteriously appear on my calendar.

What interesting challenges or projects have you worked on in your first few months?

I’m really excited to work on new tools that will improve the program experience for our customers. Scoop has invested time and effort into how we can continue to build more value for our partners, and the results have just been amazing. Everyone on the Customer Success and Product teams has put so much thought into the product that coding it feels like the easiest part of the process.

What does an inclusive workplace mean to you, and how does Scoop embody that?

I was looking for a place where there were women in management, and at Scoop, having two women in my management chain really makes me feel included. Also, having our founders, Rob and Jon, bring up inclusivity and diversity in any forum that they can manage to is groundbreaking. By doing so, it feels like they give permission for others to do so as well.

In other places, it can be frustrating when the minorities and oppressed groups have to take on the labor to start these discussions. By having leadership take that responsibility here, it takes the onus off of the group.

What’s your fav TV show?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Why should our readers work at Scoop?

To me, it comes down to a combination of a deeply ingrained social and environmental message combined with a wholesome, direct, open, and honest place to work.

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Chris Cox

Chris Cox

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