With our busy lives, it’s sometimes hard to feel like we’re giving back to the planet—it can often feel like the steps we’re taking aren’t big enough to make a difference.

Every day, thousands of Scoop Carpoolers are proving that by sharing the commute, we can improve our lives and the planet. We’re honored that Scoop has empowered commuters to remove single occupancy vehicles from the road, lessen our carbon footprint – not to mention make valuable connections within their communities.

In honor of Earth Day, we ask you to take a moment to feel proud of the impact you’ve already made by using Scoop.

From all of us at Scoop, thank you for choosing a commute that’s not only convenient and enjoyable, but one that’s better for our planet.

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Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Chris Cox was a Social Media Manager at Scoop, producing and distributing editorial content across all digital platforms, until July 2019. When he isn’t busy trying to create something, you can find him on Netflix or at your local Taco Bell drive-thru.

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