Commuter benefits have become one of the biggest misses for employers across the country. Time spent on the daily commute has been steadily rising, causing it to become one of the top three reasons for voluntary employee turnover. In fact, a recent study by Robert Half found that 23% of workers have quit a job due to a painful commute.

At the same time, the rise of innovative technologies has provided enterprises with more options than ever to mitigate the commute’s impact on their workforce. For companies to keep and retain productive and engaged employees, they have to address the commute.

It’s up to employers to improve the commute experience

In a 2017 survey conducted by San Mateo County, 83% of respondents said that congestion in the Bay Area should be considered a state of emergency.

Traffic is likely one of the first things that come to mind when you think about the commute. However, it’s important for employers to think beyond the norm. Our dependence on cars not only contributes to congestion but also increases pollution and can even cause adverse health effects for commuters and entire communities.

So, how can we solve the commute? The answer lies in how organizations leverage technologies, like Scoop, to lower the amount of single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) clogging our roadways. By providing comprehensive transit solutions, organizations of any size can take an active role in reducing the prevalence of solo commutes regionally.

How employers are addressing the commute

Multiple employers have spoken about their path to building transportation programs that improved the commute for their workforce.

Dana Aftab, EVP of Business Operations at Exelixis, has described how, above all, his organization’s goal was to minimize employee turnover by addressing commute anxiety. By offering a myriad of transit modes such as shuttles, ferries, and promoting Scoop Carpooling, the company hopes to remove all barriers that prevent employees from getting to work. With these strategies, Aftab says that Exelixis has seen parking spots open in their lots, reduced their CO2 footprint, and decreased commute costs.

Michael Alba, the leading transportation executive at Facebook, described his goal of bringing more people together to decrease traffic. With distributed housing throughout the Bay Area, companies like Facebook are searching for ways to provide alternative commute options to employees without access to buses and public transit.

One of the best ways to do that, Alba noted, is by facilitating carpooling — which works well for longer distances. But, for carpooling to work, there needs to be an incentive. Alba points to Scoop, which handles all management and coordination for carpooling while incentivizing riders and drivers to incorporate carpooling into their daily routines.

Employers found that utilizing innovative carpooling programs was one of the most effective ways to improve the commute experience, reduce turnover, save on cost, and prioritize sustainability. Not only does carpooling solve multiple pain points for employees, but it also has an underlying benefit of building a community in the workplace.

Carpooling is the most effective transit solution and builds community

Jamie Jarvis, Director of Sustainable Transportation Programs at Stanford Research Park (SRP), has shared how her company has found a comprehensive commute solution with Scoop.

At SRP, carpooling has unlocked a new level of human connection through carpooling. Jarvis describes how Scoop has helped interns, who are often new to the area, network with co-workers, and find mentors during their commute. The interaction provides a mutual benefit, with interns gaining insight into the world of work and forming valuable connections, while more senior employees gain a fresh perspective from someone new to the workforce.

Jarvis stated that carpooling increases quality of life for SRP employees, and what keeps employees coming back to Scoop is how it provides them with a greater sense of community at their employer.

Learn more about how Scoop partnered with SRP to transform the commute for their business park:

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