At Scoop, we’re dedicated to making carpooling as convenient and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that carpooling can be the cornerstone of an improved commute solution for enterprises and organizations.

Together with the Scoop Community and our enterprise partners, we’ve ensured that commuters across the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Reno, and Los Angeles can rely on Scoop as a sustainable alternative to driving alone.

From our years of partnering with forward-thinking enterprises like Expedia and Stanford Research Park, we know that gaining visibility into commuter modes is one of the first steps toward impacting behavior change.

During this time, we’ve partnered with both Luum and RideAmigos, the leading commute management platforms for enterprises and universities across the country. We’re honored to play a role in helping organizations understand, manage, and influence employee commute behavior.

Together, we’ve powered comprehensive commuter solutions for forward-thinking organizations looking to mitigate the commute’s impact on their employees. With tens of thousands of integrated users and hundreds of thousands of authenticated carpool trips over the past 24 months, we’re helping employers understand the fundamentals of commuter behavior, empowering them to take the first steps in creating meaningful change.

Interested in taking the first steps in mitigating the commute’s impact? Let us know.

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Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow is Co-Founder and CEO of Scoop. He currently sits on the board of the Association of Commuter Transportation and has spoken on the topics of new and shared mobility in Fortune, Bloomberg, and at industry, academic, and investor conferences across the country. In his spare time, you can find him devouring just about any sport, especially if it’s a team from Atlanta.

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