Today, Scoop was recognized as one of 60 companies around the world on the CleanTech Groups’ 2018 Ones to Watch list.

A sister list to the Global Cleantech 100, the Ones to Watch showcases companies that represent segments and sectors of particular interest to investors and organizations, as well as companies that are gaining noticeable market traction.

We’re honored to have been named to the list, but we know that we still have a long way to go. Over 50 billion solo-commute trips are taken every single year in the United States alone, with an average commute length of 15 miles each way. While a mosaic of modes exists for short distances and intracity commutes, longer commutes — ranging anywhere from 5–50 miles, the majority of which commuters are forced to drive alone — have not yet been addressed by technology or new mobility.

We’re proud to bring co-workers and neighbors together into carpools they’ll love, providing a sustainable, shared mobility option for longer distances. We’re helping create a world where public and private organizations can partner to affect meaningful changes on commuter behavior, reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road, and provide first and last-mile solutions that improve the commute for people everywhere.

For the full list of companies named to the 2018 Ones to Watch list, click here.

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Annie Dreshfield

Annie Dreshfield

Annie Dreshfield is Head of Communications at Scoop, overseeing all external and internal communications, as well as content marketing. In her spare time, you can find her hunting down the best live music, food, and wine San Francisco has to offer, or volunteering for the San Francisco Symphony.

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