At Scoop, we’re committed to mentoring the talented interns who join our business for a semester. In today’s Meet the Team, we sat down with Gabe Avins, our Business Operations MBA Intern, to learn how a summer at a fast-paced startup provided him with the tools to succeed in his career.

Hi Gabe! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Bay Area native, and I’m definitely not leaving anytime soon. I love playing sports, cycling, and going to all the nature parks scattered around Northern California. I’m currently at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and am wrapping up my Scoop internship as summer comes to a close.

Gabe hiking in Oahu, Hawaii.

What was your first impression of Scoop and what motivated you to intern here?

When I first walked in for my onsite, I thought Scoop was a doggy daycare! A bunch of pups and smiles greeted me at the door, and I instantly knew this was a special place. Through the conversations I had with team members, I also came to learn that everyone here is so talented and incredibly mission-driven.

What really brought me here was my previous work experience five years ago with Rob, Scoop’s Co-Founder and CEO. I knew his startup was expanding quickly, and after seeing the office and connecting with the energetic environment, the internship seemed like the ideal position for me to find growth and mentorship. The people here really seemed like they’d carve out unique work for me to accomplish during my time at Scoop, and I was excited to dive in and see how I could help the business.

What’s an accomplishment that you’re most proud of here at Scoop?

I’ve been working hard to develop the strategy for our continued geographic expansion and building multiple tools that’ll help us gain traction in new markets. It’s been a capstone project for me where I was able to collaborate across multiple teams, allowing everyone to have buy-in and contribute to the initiative. It’s been incredibly rewarding to work towards bringing the benefits of Scoop to new communities with the help of multiple verticles across our business.

You’re working towards completing your MBA this coming year. Are you taking on a project to culminate your program?

Yes, this year I’m going to be participating in Experiential Entrepreneurship courses, where I’ll try to launch my own business. I’m really excited for the opportunity. Even if my plan doesn’t take off, it’ll still be an awesome learning experience that will give me tons of insight into future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Gabe attending a Stanford graduation.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ll take away from this internship?

The most important thing I learned is how crucial it is to thoughtfully build out a culture of inclusivity by providing opportunities for people to progress. Scoop’s co-founders, Jon and Rob, have an incredible talent for creating a company that is built to scale and really dedicated to helping people grow. The company runs so efficiently, and everyone here is organized and feels invested in not only building a business, but also building up each other.

Quickfire Questions:

Favorite food?
Cheeseburgers or chocolate chip cookies. Or both. Together.

What’s on your desk?
Honestly, I’m just here for the summer, so not too much. But I do have my cute Scoop branded mug that brightens my day.

Do you have a secret talent?
When I sing in the shower, I think I could be the next American Idol.

Taking in the sunshine at Cape Town, South Africa.

What would you say to someone thinking of interning at Scoop?
Definitely do it. It’s a phenomenal experience. From what I’ve heard from interns at other companies, internships can be great if you feel like you have support — but you can often be forgotten or left behind. That won’t happen at Scoop.

Interested in working with Gabe and the rest of the Scoop team?

Check out our open roles here.

Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Chris Cox was a Social Media Manager at Scoop, producing and distributing editorial content across all digital platforms, until July 2019. When he isn’t busy trying to create something, you can find him on Netflix or at your local Taco Bell drive-thru.

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