From the moment the Shortlist was introduced, the Scoop Community has welcomed it with open arms. Together, we’ve been able to add an additional layer of dependability to Scoop’s core matching system, allowing everyone to rely on Scoop to find the perfect carpool every day.

However, this was always just one step towards our goal of matching 100% of commuters who want to carpool, every time. Today we take another step closer to this goal by enabling you to create 3-person carpools on the Shortlist, expanding your access to even more carpools.

With 3-person carpools on the Shortlist, we’re continuing to work with the Scoop Community to define what flexibility, access, and convenience means to carpoolers.

Here’s how it works:

If you’re a Driver: You can now switch between viewing individual Riders, or a convenient pair of Riders. If you find a pair that fits your preferences, you can create a 3-person carpool with them in just one tap. This helps an additional Rider get in a carpool and gives you an additional reimbursement!

If you’re a Rider: If you are unable to find a match, or are canceled on, you will join the Shortlist as an individual. However, If there is another Rider with similar trip preferences, we will also place you both together in a convenient pairing. This allows Drivers to select both of you to create a 3-person carpool, leading to even more connections with co-workers and neighbors.

Check out our helpful graphic to see the full experience:

Learn more about 3-person carpools on the Shortlist by visiting our FAQ or update to the latest version of Scoop now to start taking advantage of the latest Shortlist experience.

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Nico Canova

Nico Canova

Nico Canova was the Head of Growth Marketing at Scoop, overseeing all product, in-app, and lifecycle marketing efforts. Outside of the office, you can find him snowmobiling in Tahoe whenever there’s fresh powder.

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