With busy schedules, families, and various commitments, it’s sometimes hard to feel like we’re giving back to the planet in our day-to-day lives. When we’re able to take steps to help our world, it can often feel like they aren’t big enough to make a difference.

When my brother and I built Scoop, we set out to change that by giving every commuter a chance to impact the world every day. The Scoop idea, combined with folks like you, has led to three amazing years of impact. Whether you drive or ride, your carpools have an impact that reaches well beyond the relationships you make every day.

Today, we ask you to take a moment to feel proud of the impact you’ve already made by using Scoop.

Take a look at what Scoop carpoolers have accomplished to date:

From all of us at team Scoop, thank you for choosing a commute that’s not only convenient and enjoyable, but one that’s better for the environment!

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Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow is Co-Founder and CEO of Scoop. He currently sits on the board of the Association of Commuter Transportation and has spoken on the topics of new and shared mobility in Fortune, Bloomberg, and at industry, academic, and investor conferences across the country. In his spare time, you can find him devouring just about any sport, especially if it’s a team from Atlanta.

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