At the beginning of 2017, the Scoop team embarked on a process to sharpen our perspective on our vision, mission, product, and brand.

Let’s set the stage. Scoop’s team and community were growing quickly. We were seeing glimpses of the impact we could have, but I knew we were just scratching the surface of what we could accomplish. To reach our full potential, I felt strongly that every element of who we are, what we do, and where we want to go had to be fully aligned and crystal clear.

With that in mind we started a process that took a deep look at every aspect of Scoop — from our core business model, to our product roadmap, to every message we shared with Scoop carpoolers and partners. Put simply, the process was transformative. It gave us a chance to celebrate our successes and redefine what success in the future means. Today, I am so excited to share with you a few key outcomes, announcements, and enhancements that directly came from that process.

Our redefined mission. The Scoop Team has always had this mission in our hearts, but today, we codify it for the first time. Scoop’s mission is to put commuters into carpools they love by partnering with their employers. By working with companies across the country through our Managed Carpool Program, tens of thousands of commuters have been able to add convenient and enjoyable carpooling to their lives. To date, there have been nearly 2M individual Scoop carpool trips — but there are millions more commuters who could have a better commute, and we won’t accomplish our mission until Scoop spreads far beyond our roots here in the Bay Area and the Greater Seattle Area. The codification of our mission gives the team a truth North Star for serving commuters nationwide.

Sharing our story. You may have seen the article published this morning on about Scoop. In it, Jon, my brother and co-founder, and I detail the Scoop story so far and how we are impacting thousands of lives every day. We also announced our Series A and Series B investments which will provide fuel for the long road ahead as we bring convenient and enjoyable carpooling nationwide. Take a read and feel free to share on social media or inside of your company.

Shortlist: Making carpooling even more reliable. This month, we roll out a new feature called “Shortlist” which enables Riders and Drivers to discover carpools beyond the normal Scoop matching period. Shortlist is currently in limited release and will be available to all carpoolers imminently. This monumental product enhancement will help commuters rely on Scoop even more, making carpooling part of their daily life. Find out more here.

A screenshot from the Shortlist.

An updated look and feel. With the recent changes to, we’re refreshing our look through photography, illustration, brand colors, and more. We’re still the Scoop you know and love — green, vibrant, energetic — but with a few changes that make us even more welcoming.

New brand photography across and all our communications.

What’s next? We’ve got an exciting roadmap ahead full of product enhancements, new company partners, and geographic expansion. But what really matters is that there will be more carpools on the road, helping people make the most of their valuable time and connect with co-workers and neighbors around them. The stories we hear now and along the way — of Scoop carpoolers feeling more productive, energized, and happier at work and in life — will be our greatest reward and the greatest indicator of our success.

I want to personally thank everyone who has been part of Scoop so far. Whether you’re in a carpool every morning, or you’re one of our partners at a company or city, we’ve been in this together. Scoop is writing the next chapter for shared transportation, and we can’t wait to help thousands more people turn their daily commute into something meaningful and productive.

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Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow is Co-Founder and CEO of Scoop. He currently sits on the board of the Association of Commuter Transportation and has spoken on the topics of new and shared mobility in Fortune, Bloomberg, and at industry, academic, and investor conferences across the country. In his spare time, you can find him devouring just about any sport, especially if it’s a team from Atlanta.

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