Since Scoop started, we’ve always put flexibility first. It’s core to the experience — giving commuters the ability to carpool on their own schedules.

We’re often asked how we make so many carpools every morning — and, what the community could do to make even more. It’s simple. The more flexible the community is, the more we’re able to link up commuters. The best example of this? The smart ”Ride or Drive” option — something you’ll only find with Scoop.

The Scoop on ”Ride or Drive” mode

By now, you’ve probably tried Scoop out as a Rider OR Driver — requesting a trip in one “mode” or the other for a morning or afternoon carpool.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: guess which trip “mode” has the most efficient trips and the best chances of matching? “Ride or Drive.”

Believe it or not, if just one out of every four carpoolers with Scoop selected “Ride or Drive” we’d match more than 95% of all carpool requests!

How “Ride or Drive” works

“Ride or Drive” is simple: by selecting it, you’re saying you’re extra flexible for that Scoop trip and are happy to be matched either as a Rider or Driver.

At match time, when we create the trips for the next day, we’ll look at both your available ride and drive options. Then, we put you in the most efficient one. This guarantees you the best trip and optimizes the experience for the entire community!

As soon as you are matched, we’ll immediately let you know if you’re riding or driving, and you’ll be all set for the next day.

Ride or drive and save either way

Remember, Scoop saves you at least 25% on your normal commute costs from driving alone whether you ride or drive. So, either way, you’ll save when you select “Ride or Drive.”

In fact, just one extra match with Scoop from using “Ride or Drive” more than makes up for the cost of driving vs. riding when you compare it to commuting alone.

When to choose Ride or Drive

You’re a busy person with a fluctuating schedule, so we know that “Ride or Drive” might not work every day. That’s totally cool!

We suggest trying “Ride or Drive” and then seeing what days of the week it might fit for you. Even if you use it just two times per week, you’re doing your part to get the community to that magic “1 out of 4” that makes an amazing 95% match experience.

Many Scoop pros who have been using the “Ride or Drive” mode tell us it’s the only way they like to carpool. We think you might just love it, too. More matches, faster trips, and a happier community. That sounds like a win, win, win.

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Nico Canova

Nico Canova

Nico Canova was the Head of Growth Marketing at Scoop, overseeing all product, in-app, and lifecycle marketing efforts. Outside of the office, you can find him snowmobiling in Tahoe whenever there’s fresh powder.

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