To our Scoop Community,

As the election season came to a close last night, I took a moment to think about the Scoop Community, and what the idea of community means.

It has only been 12 hours since a winner was declared, but the impact across our country is already profound. The mood in our offices reflects the gravity of this moment in all of our lives. The intensity of reactions across the country mirrors the tremendous division that has gripped the country since the beginning of the campaigns.

It is difficult to recall a modern US election that has sparked such intense partisanship. The reactions to the outcome are just as impassioned. Voters that have felt disenfranchised and disenchanted now believing that this election represents a new beginning. Other Americans that are concerned and despondent, unsure of what this outcome means for our national identity, our values, or even our places in American society.

Regardless of our personal politics, we must recognize that these sharply different takes reflect a national community that has been bitterly divided. It is incumbent on all of us to take positive steps to move forward.

At it’s heart, Scoop is and always will be a community. We are coworkers and neighbors that believe in a better quality of life. We are incredibly diverse across age, gender, culture, values — and even political party. We are born-Americans and we are immigrants who have come to this country in search of something better. Fundamentally, our Scoop community is built on inclusiveness — on creating shared, comfortable spaces for discourse. We believe that it takes all of us, working together, to make the world around us a better place to live.

In times like these, I feel that the mission of Scoop, and what we are building, are more important than ever. In a country with a desperate need to come together, we can set the example of how to do this across a diversity of backgrounds and ideologies. There is a long journey ahead, but each day we can make progress in showing the world that it is possible to unite in pursuit of a common good.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this mission. I look forward to working together — to help each other, our neighborhoods, and our work communities — realize a dream of a better world that makes all people in this country proud.

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Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow

Rob Sadow is Co-Founder and CEO of Scoop. He currently sits on the board of the Association of Commuter Transportation and has spoken on the topics of new and shared mobility in Fortune, Bloomberg, and at industry, academic, and investor conferences across the country. In his spare time, you can find him devouring just about any sport, especially if it’s a team from Atlanta.

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