Scoop for Enterprise

The Managed Carpool Program enables employers of any size to implement an impactful commute solution

Benefits of a Scoop partnership

SOV reduction, every day

Take cars out of your lot and cut facilities and transportation costs.

Attract and retain talent

Show your commitment to the employee experience by dramatically improving their commute.

Happier, connected employees

Foster a more energized, engaged, and productive workforce.

Promote sustainability

Track your impact with monthly reports. Achieve your sustainability goals with ease.

Why Partners Choose Scoop

“As a company founded on innovation, we welcomed the chance to partner with an innovative new company like Scoop. Scoop helps us ease the commutes of Workmates.“

Sonia Rose
Director, Employee Programs, Workday
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The managed carpool program

Companies work with Scoop to make carpooling the preferred commute choice for their employees. Backed by our Partner Success Team, the Managed Carpool Program enables employers to offer a customized end-to-end carpooling program.

Interested in becoming a partner? Let’s talk.

Customized Engagement

On-site events and a proven playbook of marketing tactics drive adoption across your organization.

Reporting and Analytics

Track your results with monthly usage reports. SOV reduction, CO2 emissions saved, and more.

The Scoop Experience

Scoop will be optimized according to your employee commuting patterns. We will create an experience tailored specifically to your organization.

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Partnering with Scoop

Start the Conversation

Let’s talk about how convenient carpooling can help enrich the lives of your employees.

Become a Partner

Scoop will design a custom Managed Carpool Program for your enterprise.

Generate Adoption

Together, we’ll encourage employees to experience their improved commute solution. Events, digital collateral, strategic comms, and custom executions included.

Monitor and Grow

See the impact with our reporting, hear directly from carpoolers whose lives have been enriched by Scoop, and continue to grow adoption.

Beyond the enterprise

Other Scoop partnerships

Alternative Scoop partners

Represent a city, agency, or municipality? Scoop has partnered with partners of all shapes and sizes. Connect with our team to learn how carpooling can help your organization.

Empower your employees to carpool today.