The new upside of scheduling to drive with Scoop

Drivers now get paid every time they schedule a carpool 

At its core, carpooling is about working together. By sharing your commute with others, you’re doing your part to provide co-workers access to a reliable and affordable commute option.  

We also know that the costs of doing your part can add up, so we’ve taken some additional steps to ensure Scoop is always your first choice for an affordable commute. 

From now on, you’ll receive a payment every time you schedule a carpool and even more for matching with a Rider. It’s our way of honoring the commitment you make to the Scoop community and ensuring there’s never any downside to scheduling with Scoop. 

How it works

We’ve made offsetting the costs for your drives simple:

  1. Set your role as Driver and choose your carpool preferences
  2. In the Pricing section, you can view how much you’ll receive to schedule a carpool, along with the total you’ll receive when you match with a Rider.
  3. Schedule your carpool as normal & receive your payment. 

Your scheduling payment is always yours to keep, no matter when you schedule or how often you match - ensuring Scoop works for you, on your terms.

Quickly see how much you’ll be reimbursed for scheduling a carpool and matching

With this update, Drivers like you can continually rely on Scoop to make your everyday commute convenient and affordable.  


If you have further questions about how Scoop’s Driver reimbursements work, ScoopCare is here for you

*Only eligible Drivers who are employees of a Scoop partner can access this pricing update.