Simple steps to create your Scoop profile

Before scheduling your first carpool, you’ll need to take a few minutes to complete your Scoop profile. Your profile is a cornerstone of our Trust & Safety process, and it helps to ensure safe and comfortable carpools for our entire community. Read on for profile guidance  and tips that will help you get the most out of Scoop.

Oskar Mayer is Wiener in Chief here at Scoop and a beloved member of our team. He’s signing up to drive with Scoop because he wants to connect with his co-workers and arrive at work refreshed. Let’s help Oskar set up his profile so he can get to carpooling!

1. Include your name in your profile

First thing’s first, Oskar needs to add his name to his profile so his fellow carpoolers can verify his identity and call him by the correct name.

Dog facing forward
Oskar Mayer, our Wiener in Chief

Tip: If you don’t want to include your full name in your profile, feel free to use your first name only, or your first name and last initial.

2. Upload a clear profile photo of your face

Next, Oskar needs to upload a profile photo. His profile photo should be a clear, unobstructed, close-up photo of his face, which will make it easier for his fellow carpoolers to recognize him during pickups.

Dog facing backwards
Not quite…
Dog wearing sunglasses
Getting closer…
Dog wearing a tie

3. Add employer info and your work email to your account

Oskar needs to add his work email to see if he qualifies for any special promotions through his employer. With his work email included, Oskar can now carpool with his co-workers in the Scoop app.

Most importantly, after adding his work email address, Oskar must verify it by opening and confirming the Scoop verification email we sent to his work account.

Tip: Add both your personal and work email addresses on your account so you can continue using Scoop if you can’t access your work email on your device or you switch jobs.

4. Input your home and work addresses

Oskar then needs to add his home and work addresses to his account to easily schedule trips. Oskar likes to lift weights after work, so he also adds his gym to his list of addresses.


123 Hot Dog Lane

Emeryville, CA 94608


22 4th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Tip: If you live or work in a building complex, remember to include your building number to ensure a smooth pickup and drop-off. Even better, if you’re a Rider and are willing to walk a short distance to make your pickup or drop-off easier, let your Driver know by messaging them before the trip.

5. If you want to drive, complete the Motor Vehicle History Check

Dog in a car

Since Oskar wants to drive his Scoop carpool, he needs to pass a Motor Vehicle History (MVH) check. Completing the check is easy—all he has to do is input his driver’s license number into the Scoop app and we’ll handle the rest. In most cases, Drivers get their results in just a few minutes.

Tip: Double check that you input your driver’s license number correctly to avoid any delay in processing your Motor Vehicle History Report.

6. Input your vehicle make, model, year, and license plate number.

Because Oskar will be driving, he must also include his vehicle make, model, year, and license plate number in his profile. We require this information because it helps Riders confirm that they’re getting into the correct vehicle.

1981 DMC DeLorean

License Plate: SCOOOOP

Tip: The Scoop app currently has the capability to list one vehicle in your profile. If you drive multiple vehicles, you have two options:

  1. After you match, text your carpoolers to let them know the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle you will be driving; or
  2. Update your profile to reflect the details of the vehicle you will be driving.

7. Select “Always Allow” location tracking for the Scoop app

Finally, when prompted to select his location settings in the Scoop app, Oskar should set his settings to “Always Allow.” Having location tracking enabled makes it easier for Drivers to know where to meet their Riders and for Riders to know when their Driver will arrive, ensuring a smooth ride for everyone.

Megan Bradley

Megan leads Scoop’s Trust and Safety and insurance efforts. When she’s not drafting policies and procedures dedicated to improving the carpooler experience, you can find her at Fort Funston with her gigantic pup, Hugo.