Scheduling Guidance: less guessing, more matching

When we founded Scoop in 2015, Rob and I saw an opportunity to make one of the hardest parts of the day—your commute—more convenient and enjoyable by connecting you in carpools you’d love. We wanted to cultivate meaningful connections between co-workers and neighbors, and turn strangers into sidekicks.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since then. Just in the past year, we’ve created more than 3 million carpools, expanded well beyond the west coast, and invested countless hours in improving the Scoop app and your matching experience.

Still, despite the meaningful carpooling experiences we’ve given to our users, we understand that many of our carpoolers wish they could know what steps to take to increase their chance of matching in a carpool. There are still occasions when you may feel uncertain about fine-tuning your time ranges or adjusting your carpool role. Until now…

Introducing: Scheduling Guidance

We’re excited to roll out Scheduling Guidance, a seamless and intelligent update to the Scoop app that will provide timely suggestions to help increase your chances of matching in a carpool.

When you schedule your upcoming carpools, you may start to see helpful suggestions on the scheduling screen. If we detect a way to increase your chance of matching in a carpool, we’ll prompt you in real-time with a suggested change. The suggestion can be accepted (should you want it) with a single tap. It’s that easy.

Keep in mind that we won’t always have a suggestion for you. Not seeing one doesn’t negatively affect your chances of getting into a carpool – usually, it implies that your trip is on the right track.

This update lays the foundation for a more satisfying and reliable scheduling experience that will only improve over time. As we learn from carpoolers’ scheduling preferences, analyze route health and pinpoint the impact of adjusting time ranges, you should expect the guidance you see to grow more powerful and personalized.

Scheduling Guidance in action

Scheduling Guidance is just the start of what will no doubt be an exciting and transformative decade for Scoop and your commute. We’re working on improvements to the Scoop app that will provide even more consistent matches, fewer detours, and more efficient routes so you can spend less time on the road and more time at the places that matter.

There are many features we’re road-testing to turn our vision into reality, so stay tuned for more updates.

Lizzie Ryan

Lizzie Ryan is the Communications Manager at Scoop, leading external communications and bringing Scoop's brand to commuters everywhere. In her spare time, you can find her teaching and practicing yoga across the San Francisco Bay Area.