How Scoop helps carpoolers love their commute

Seventy-six percent of Americans drive alone to work every day for an average of 53 minutes roundtrip. Collectively, these trips equate to over 50 billion solo drives per year. That’s millions of people who start and end their workdays in solitude.

According to a study by social scientists Daniel Kahneman and Alan B. Kruger, people perceive their morning commute especially as the worst part of their day, just behind working and their evening commute.

On the flipside, however, we know that 80% of Scoop carpoolers report being less stressed on a daily basis, 92% like that Scoop allows them to network with co-workers and neighbors, and over 50% say they’re more energized when they get to work.

This Valentine’s Day we’re wondering: is carpooling the key to loving your commute?

We decided to reach out to our Scoop Community to hear what they love most about their daily routine:

Best. Commute. Ever.

“I work in IT and once had a critical issue pop up while I was a Rider on my way home from work. Just so happens that the person that could solve the problem was my Scoop Driver! Best commute ever!”

“I can’t imagine my commute without Scoop!”

Time better spent

“Scoop has cut my commute time in half, and I’ve made a few connections along the way.

I used to take two buses and spend an hour and a half on my commute. Now, it takes 20-30 minutes and I’ve gotten to meet some of my neighbors and co-workers.”

“Scoop helps me get to the office on time while also allowing me to get to know more people.”

Making new connections

“Scoop impacted my commute a lot. I love to meet new people and get the chance to learn new things from new friends each day. Loving my commute now, and I don’t get bored because we have funny conversations, too!”

I love to use Scoop all the time. It has impacted me positively, and allows me to meet many of my neighbors. Scoop has also helped reduce my commute time as I am able to use toll lanes for free when carpooling.

How has Scoop changed your commute? Leave us a comment below or tell us your favorite Scoop commute story here.

Katie Kerr

Katie Kerr is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Scoop. In her spare time, you can find her hiking with her dog in parks throughout the SF Bay Area.