Enjoy more control over your carpool with Top Favorites

A safe, shared commute is the cornerstone of the Scoop experience. We appreciate how meaningful it can be to have control over your carpool preferences and specify who you want to carpool with, which is why one of the first features we launched for the Scoop app was the ability to Favorite fellow carpoolers.

When users add each other as Favorites, they let us know that they prefer matching with one another, and we take that into account when creating carpools through our matching algorithm. Now, we're excited to announce that we're taking this functionality a step further by introducing the ability to add Top Favorites, who are carpoolers with whom you'll always match. 

We designed this update to give you an added layer of predictability and peace of mind around a safer commute. You can look forward to carpooling with the same person on the same route every day - so long as you schedule a carpool with an overlapping time range and one person schedules as a Driver.

You can find Top Favorites in the Community tab

Already have a circle of co-workers or neighbors you want to commute with? You can add up to two Top Favorites, and if all three of you request a carpool headed the same way, you can match in a 3-person carpool. 

If neither of your Top Favorites is available to carpool, you’ll be matched in the most compatible carpool through Scoop’s matching algorithm.  

A fellow carpooler must accept your Top Favorite request in order for you to always match together. There are several ways to request a Top Favorite:

  • Turn a Favorite into a Top Favorite by tapping “Edit” next to their name in the Favorites view, and sending them a Top Favorite request
  • Invite someone to be a Top Favorite via their email or phone number in the Favorites view
  • Invite a fellow carpooler to be a Top Favorite when giving feedback after carpooling together

We're excited to give you more control over your Scoop experience, and we're looking forward to creating even more carpools you'll love. 


If you have further questions about how Top Favorites work, head on over to our Help Center

Scoop Team