An update to 3-person carpools: remove one Rider

Update: This article may contain information that is currently out of date given the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a moment to review our Health & Safety Guidelines for our most up-to-date policies

When you match in a 3-person carpool, you double the benefits of carpooling in one trip. You get to meet more people during your commute, take another car off of the road, and get an even higher reimbursement when you drive. However, 3-person carpools don’t always work out. One of the Riders may be too far off of the route or may no longer be able to make it.

When this happens, Drivers are left with the tough choice to cancel the entire carpool when they would’ve preferred to continue carpooling with one of the Riders. This is no longer the case with our latest update!

Now, Drivers will have the ability to remove one Rider from a 3-person carpool and continue to enjoy a 2-person carpool.

How to remove one Rider in a 3-person carpool

  1. Select which Rider to remove. If a Rider is too far off your route or can’t make the carpool, simply select “Remove.”
  2. Provide feedback and confirm removal. Let us know why you’re removing one Rider, and provide feedback to improve your future trips.
  3. View your updated carpool. We’ll notify the Rider of their removal and update your route.

Learn more by visiting our FAQ. Be sure to update to the latest version of Scoop to start taking advantage of this feature.