4 ways to make sure your Scoop carpool stays on schedule

Update: This article may contain information that is currently out of date given the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a moment to review our Health & Safety Guidelines for our most up-to-date policies.

Don’t be late—it’s what you’ve heard from your parents, teachers, and your alarm clock for as long as you can remember. Thankfully, your days of racing to the school bus are over, but when it comes to being on time for work, the stakes are a lot higher, especially because your fellow carpoolers are depending on you for a smooth and timely trip.

That said, being on time is top of mind for many Scoop Carpoolers, so we’re excited to share the scoop on timeliness. Below are four ways to make sure your carpool is on schedule, for everyone’s schedule.

1. Reach out after you match

After you match, connecting with your fellow carpoolers is the best way to break the ice and build rapport before your trip. Reaching out earlier rather than later creates space for empathy and understanding if anything does come up.

By sending a text message, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and confirm logistics before your commute. This communication helps establish accountability so you’ll spend less time coordinating last-minute trip details and have more time to relax or finish up the day’s work.

2. Give yourself a little extra time, especially your first time

Whether you’ve matched with someone new, or you’re a new carpooler yourself, allowing some extra time on a first trip goes a long way.

Buffer in extra time when selecting your time range while scheduling or before preparing for your trip. Unexpected delays happen to all of us—maybe a Driver misses a turn picking up a first-time carpooler (it’s a new route, after all) or a Rider’s 4-year-old has a wardrobe crisis. By building in some spare time into your schedule, you’re sure to enjoy a smooth and timely carpool.

3. Communicate when you’re running late

Running late? Message your fellow carpoolers and explain the situation. We’ve made it easy for you to communicate through the app, too. Just select Trip Details on your trip card to send a group text directly to the carpoolers scheduled on your trip.

Let them know your ETA and ask if it will work for their timeline. If it does, hooray for flexibility! If not, see below for how to cancel your trip.

4. Cancel your trip when things don’t go as planned

If you’re ever in a situation that doesn’t allow you to join your carpool, quick communication is key.

First, reach out as soon as you know you won’t be able to take the trip. A timely text will give carpoolers more cushion to make alternative arrangements.

Next, make sure to cancel your trip inside the Scoop app to ensure no one gets stuck paying for a trip that didn’t happen. While canceling through the app, give us feedback to help us to understand “the why” behind last-minute cancellation so we can continue to improve everyone’s experience carpooling with Scoop.

If your fellow carpooler is running late or can’t make the trip, you can also cancel via the app. When canceling, select My fellow carpooler can’t make it, or I can’t find my fellow carpooler, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your time is valuable, and together, as a community of carpoolers, we can help everyone stay on schedule with these simple tips. If you’re a seasoned carpooler, let us know if we missed anything! Reach out to support@takescoop.com or tweet us @takescoop to share your best tips on timeliness. Happy commuting!